Available Business Loans

Business loans are directed towards business owners to help expand or start up a business. The banks offer loans between £1,000 and £25,000. Typical repayment periods for the loans are between 10 months to 10 years, depending on your financial situation so there is quite a lot of flexibility.

One of the biggest advantages that the banks offer is the fixed interest rates they offer for the life of the loan. This fixed rate then puts less worry to the person taking out the loan as they are not going to be paying any more back then the rate that they currently agreed with the bank to start with.

One key feature that most banks offer when the loan has been agreed is that the loan will be paid immediately into the account of the person taking out the loan, usually the loan that you agree to take out is credited to you the same day as agreeing taking out the loan.

One of the biggest assets to small businesses are business overdrafts, these overdrafts are great for short term fluctuations in cash for small businesses that may need extra cash at some time, maybe to buy stock or help expand the business

Of course shopping around to find the best loan rates is advised but beware that not all banks offer fixed rate loans, a comparison website is the best bet as it will allow you to compare all the different loans from all the different banks on one simultaneous page, a lot quicker and more efficient,

Another tip for getting a loan is to get an appointment with your current bank manager and inform him of your current need and see if he will do you a special deal or rate so that you stay with your current bank, usually they will value your custom a lot more if your already with the bank and looking to stay with the bank.

So as you can see there are many advantages to getting a business loan, advantages that most people wouldn't think are there, but finding te right deal for you is the trick, there are plenty of places to find the right deal, it's just about looking in the right place to find it.

If your after just a small amount of capital you may be entitled to help from the government, there are schemes to help businesses get through the times that are key to the growth of the business and the government like to encourage this with giving support in various ways. There are leaflets on your local council website that will explain what there is available and how to go about getting it.

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